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If it's not love it is a call for love

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Once in awhile when I experience discourse in a relationship such as having an argument, I am tempted to stay angry. My ego mind can justify my anger and I sometimes get in that place of not wanting to let my grudge go in that moment, that hour, or maybe even that day.

But then I reflect. This is not the higher road. I am not vibrationally aligned with Spirit. I ask Holy Spirit for a change in perception. I remember that any lashing out in anger by my loved one is a call for love. We are usually not upset for the reason we think we are. There is oftentimes something underlying. If it isn't love, it is a call for love. Our minds apart from Spirit see themselves as limited, alone and separate and that can be a scary place,

I remember that I am one with Spirit. I remember that we are one with Spirit. I soften. I offer my loved one a hug and remind them of how much I genuinely love them.

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