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Empowering Yourself by Changing Limiting Mental Habits

You don't have to experience life as a serious, day-today grind.  In this course, you will identify the habits you may have developed which create tension, guilt and self doubt.  See how inappropriate expectations cloud your ability to experience unconditional love.  

  • Learn how you are unconsciously telling others how to treat you, to fit your unconscious expectations. 

  • Discover ways you may still be following the unconscious expectations of others or trying to live up to unhealthy models of perfection.  

  • Realize that you are not your programming.  Consciously choose how you want to feel and how you want to think.  

  • Connect with your Inner sense of direction.  

  • Learn how to be in peace and be happy.

Credentialed Correspondence Course

US$ 109.00 for 2-3 hours of facilitation.  Self-study US$54.00.  Plus shipping.

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