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Holding Hands in the Sunshine

How to be Loving, How to be Loved

Within everyone is a desire to return to Love, our Source.  In our search for Love, we may look to someone outside of ourselves to give it to us.  In this stage we are not aware of the Love within.  We don't recognize our inner worth, our Light, our own perfection.  As long as we continue to look outside ourselves to fill this emptiness, we will feel unfulfilled.

When you realize that you  have not found Love by looking for it from others, you are ready to go into a new stage of life.  You are ready to walk in an expanded awareness of Love.  You are ready to wake up to what you are.  In this course you will practice healing healing and releasing your barriers to love.  With the support of others, you will experience the depth of unconditional Love that lies within you.  You will learn how to step into the reservoir  and bring Love to situations in your life which need healing.  

Credentialed Correspondence Study

US$109 for facilitated course - 2-3 hours; Self Study is US$54.00 plus shipping

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