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Star Child - Seeing the Innocence Within

The Star Child is that childlike essence within you, that energy of Love which pierces through the confusion and brings clear vision into your life. Star Child lightly and gently helps you let go of struggle. It is your inner Comforter, your innocent Self.

You will be led on a guided journey to become aware of the reality of your inner Star Child. You will be able to ask for and receive insight on questions of importance to you.

  • Practice letting go of limiting, nonproductive self-talk.

  • Gain a detached perspective of people, situations and issues in your life, allowing you to see your loved ones from a higher perspective.

  • Get in touch with a deeper level of peace.

Your inner Star Child will help you experience a feeling of invulnerability and trust. You will become less fear-driven and more led by Love as you allow your Star Child to help you loosen your grip on the game of illusions in this world. Your Star Child will joyfully expand your awareness to be deceived no more, to wake up from your dream of separation.

Credentialed Correspondence Study

US$109 for facilitated course - 2-3 hours; Self Study is US $54.00 plus shipping

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