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Remembering to Choose Peace

Feelings of depression, loss, impatience, anxiety, anger or the slightest irritation are symptoms of lack of peace. When this happens, we are confusing illusion with truth. Because we have bought into the idea of separation and individuality, we need the Holy Spirit to reinterpret our misperceptions and return us to the experience of peace and joy.

In order to choose peace, it is important to practice being in peace so it is easier to recognize when we are not in peace. As you strengthen your motivation to choose peace, you remember that peace is your real home and that thoughts of conflict, limitation and strife do not come from your real Self. As you are more open to correction, the obstacles to peace are easier to flow across. You stop making the body real and realize that you are your brother. Your fear of Love subsides and you accept the peace and joy of God by extending it to your brothers.

Topics include:
What am I choosing, peace or conflict? • Understanding what is behind resistance to peace • Peace and understanding go together • Entering into the peace of God • Offering peace to everyone.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Credentialed Correspondence Study

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