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Image by Tim Swaan

Get to Know Reverend Bev Raymond

As a long-time spiritual student, in 2017 I was spiritually led to attend a 2 year ministerial program through Pathway's of Light Spiritual College.  I was ordained in 2019.  I am continuing my spiritual studies and am currently taking courses to become a Science of Mind Practitioner

My Story:

  • For much of my life I focused on my individual identity and ego and lived in a regular state of fear, a fear of not being good enough.  

  • The constant striving for perfection blocked my joy and peace.  However, the universal principles taught in  A Course In Miracles as well as Unity and Science of Mind have been a catalyst for me to more consistently distance myself from focusing on the separateness of my ego and to more consistently express from my Christ Consciousness.  

  • Rather than focusing on and projecting fear, I focus on my inherent Oneness with all and extend love.  


 tend a 2 year ministerial program through Pathways of Light Spiritual College.  I was ordained in 2019.   I am continuing my spiritual studies and currently attend seminary at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.

Would you like to experience more joy in your life?  Studying a Course in Miracles and related courses from Pathways of Light has helped me on my own journey to peace of mind and joy.  I have emphasized living the principles found in a Course In Miracles in every aspect of my life.  I want to assist others as we both mutually awaken and transform from fear to love.  

As a facilitator of Pathways of Light course and groups, I offer others the opportunity of awakening spiritually by phone, internet, or in person.  Whatever the setting, I create a warm, open, and nurturing atmosphere where people feel comfortable exploring and sharing their  feelings.     

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