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Attracting Nurturing Personal Relationships

Singles or partners — build nurturing relationships. Connect with your inner Spirit to learn more evolved ways of attracting and maintaining desirable relationships.

  • Shed the weight of old emotional resistances which have kept you on the defensive and have blocked healthy relationships in the past.

  • Recognize when unconscious, limiting mental scripts are operating in your life. With your observer self, learn how to dissolve these scripts and replace them with healing scripts.

  • See how issues of power affect your relationships and how to empower each other rather than control each other.

  • Learn to shift your perception in your relationships from the perspective of your personality self to the knowing wisdom of your true Self.

  • Learn and role-play a five-step process to express yourself without blaming. This process takes you through the perceived hurt to forgiveness and Love. It is a powerful tool to build intimacy, release resentment and express your true Self in your relationships.

  • Learn healing responses you can use when someone becomes fearful, tense or defensive, which can transform the relationship to a powerful path of shared awakening.

Credentialed Correspondence Study

US$153 for facilitated course - 5-6 hours; Self Study is US $54.00 plus shipping

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