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Putting God First

You will explore what it really means to put God first in your life — what it means and feels like to have a close relationship with God. How can you experience that in your life? What would it look like in your day-to-day interactions? In this course, you will practice being vigilant only for God.
You will practice quieting and opening your mind to the helpful insight of your Inner Teacher. By doing this, you will remove the barriers to the experience of your total safety in God. You will experience that, rather than being a sacrifice, putting God first is the means for achieving lasting happiness, because God wills only happiness for you.
Topics include: Healing belief in unworthiness • Accepting God's decision about you • Remembering you are part of God, Who is all power • Putting no other gods before Him • Recognizing the signals to denying God • Allowing yourself to be carried • Taking your upsets to God's Love • Rising above the battle ground to see the Love • Devoting time to God.

Image by Ben White

Credentialed Correspondence Study

US $129 plus shipping for 5- 6 hours of facilitated hours or self study is $59 - plus shipping

Facilitator - Bev Raymond

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