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Being a Messenger of Innocence and Unity

In this world we don't often think that our purpose for being here is to be a messenger of innocence and unity. Many times we get side tracked with worldly purposes and forget the purpose God gave us. Our minds become engaged with what is not there. Our split minds limit our awareness to bodies and make what bodies say and do real. To the separated mind, it seems quite proper to judge everyone and everything in this world and take defensive steps to protect against an outside foe.
Topics include: Guilt causes the hallucination • Holy Spirit ends the hallucination • The ego is afraid of seeing innocence • Finding the place of truth in our brothers • In quiet I find the truth • Healing by bringing the quiet with me • Peace departs by thinking I know • I can choose peace today • Forgiveness looks with quiet eyes and sees the truth • What am I sharing, separation or oneness? • I am a messenger of truth • Accepting the power to lift the veil of falsehood • We return to Heaven together.

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