I am available to facilitate your spiritual awakening through a number of Pathways of Light (R) Spiritual College Courses.  

  • Self Transformation Correspondence Courses Leading to Option Ordination - classes can each be taken as a stand alone

    • 132: Self Image Transformations​

    • 112: Knowing Your True Purpose

    • 111: Awakening to Your True Self

    • 114: the Transforming Power of Trust

    • 115: How to be Loving, How to Be Loved

    • 203: Introduction to A course in Miracles

    • 113: Empowering Yourself by Changing Limiting Mental Habits

    • 802: Oneness Awareness

    • 202: The Healing Bridge of symbols and Rituals

    • 801: Receiving Inner Wisdom - Tools for Self-Transformation

    • 301: Christ Vision

    • 401: the Synergy of Intimate Relationships

    • 210: Star Child - Seeing the Innocence Within

    • 201: Adventure into the Sacred Life - Introduction to Spiritual Ministry

    • 805: Attracting Nurturing Personal Relationships

    • 220: Spiritual Ceremonies

    • 901: Introduction to Miracles Practice 

  • The program is self-paced and conducted via telephone at a time that works best with your schedule. 

  • Each course is usually $109 and comes with 2-3 hours of 1-1 facilitation. 

  • The courses include:

    • ​​Guided meditations, processes and study material from the course on audio CD's.

    • Work sheets which guide you through the study material and help you apply what you are learning to your daily life.

    • Laminated reminder cards that help you apply the course ideas.

    • Binder conveniently organized with all course materials.

  • Please contact me for further details or you may order a course directly from the Pathways of Light Website - ​  

  • Don't forget to enter my name as your course facilitator



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