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Receiving Inner Wisdom - Tool for Self-Transformation

Receiving Inner Wisdom opens your inner windows of communication to universal Inspiration, and helps you tap into the beingness of unconditional Love.
In this course you will have the opportunity to practice receiving Inner Wisdom with ease and a sense of deep peace. With the guided meditations, you will find it easy to practice reinforcing the habit of allowing your Inner Teacher to be the source of guidance in your daily life.
Within you is the Source of all Love, peace and joy. As you build the strong habit of stepping back and letting your Inner Teacher lead, you are led to let go of the fear, anger and resentment which are barriers to knowing your true Identity in the Mind of God.
In this course, you will have the opportunity to practice being a clear and open channel for receiving and extending the peace and Love of God. You will have an opportunity to practice getting helpful answers and bring through the healing perspective and insight of your Inner Teacher.
Releasing mistaken perceptions assists you in accepting your Self within. As you open your mind to your true Reality, you discover a new way of being in this world. More and more, the peace of God guides your thoughts, words and deeds.

Credentialed Correspondence Study

US$109 for facilitated course - 2-3 hours; Self Study is US $54.00 plus shipping

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