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Christ Vision

Come back to the awareness of your perfect wholeness with Christ Vison. Learn how, with your thoughts and beliefs, you are writing your book of life, your holy book. In a guided meditation, you will learn how to rewrite your holy book of life with the help of unlimited, all-knowing Christ Vision. This rewriting will help you transform your life through correction rather than self-condemnation. In this course we will be working with the essence of awakening training. Experiential processes will help you move past the outer form to Christ's perfect Love.

  • Put yourself in the perfect environment for healing fear, guilt and self-punishment.

  • See through the illusionary forms as you practice allowing Christ Vision to move you to think of yourself as one with all, encompassing all humanity in Love.

  • Work with Christ Vision to see a person or situation in your life differently, from a perspective of oneness.

With Christ Vision, you are knocking on the door of the greatest force of Inner Light there is. The door opens and you recognize the Light and Love you feel as your own.

Credentialed Correspondence Study

US$109 for facilitated course - 2-3 hours; Self Study is US $54.00 plus shipping

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