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Gratitude for God's Gifts

Being in a place of gratitude brings you healing and happiness. It helps you remember your wholeness. This course focuses on one of the most powerful avenues of healing there is — the power of gratitude. Because you get what you focus on, counting your blessings opens the door to more blessings. Gratitude is the result of remembering the truth about yourself and others — seeing past the form to the eternal Spirit in each person. God has given us All That Is. Returning to this truth heals our mind and experience of life.
Practicing gratitude accelerates your awakening and enables the peace, joy and Love of God to return to your awareness. You will learn to see both love and calls for love from the Holy Spirit's perspective. You will practice replacing guilt with acceptance and gratitude. God has given us His total and universal Love. As you learn to extend Love as God does, your whole perspective changes and your experience of life turns to one of joy, peace and deep inner gratitude.

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Credentialed Correspondence Study

US $129 plus shipping for 5- 6 hours of facilitated hours or self study is $59 - plus shipping

Facilitator - Bev Raymond

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