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Being a servant of God

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Here I sit at 3:15 am contemplating my new ministry. How do I begin? Am I worthy? Who am I to begin a ministry? I am not a great speaker. I am a pretty awful speaker really. LOL. I am not a great writer. What do I have to offer beyond a deep desire to share God's love and to be a light in this world of darkness? I have been pondering all of this for days... weeks really. My ordination was almost a month ago and here I sit on pause. In this time of pause, I have asked Holy Spirit for guidance and over the last few weeks have indeed received some answers which I feel apply to me as well as others who feel called:

We can work for God exactly where we are at. We are called to allow Holy Spirit to work through us. We are simply a vessel.

The most vital step is to be in relationship with Holy Spirit. I can relinquish my ego and my agenda and I can allow Holy spirit to mold me. I can simply connect to my higher self and be pliable. Holy Spirit, please direct me in all that you would have me do. My hands are your hands My legs are your legs. I can lean in and allow you to direct me moment by moment. I am here only to be truly helpful. May I view all things and all interactions from a place of pure love.

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