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203 Introduction to A Course In Miracles

This course gives an overview of the important ideas and lessons presented by A Course in Miracles.   You will learn to tell the difference between ego thoughts and the thoughts of your true Identity.  You will learn to choose peace instead of conflict, Heaven instead of hell.  

  • Learn a process that helps you see past the physical form to the Light in everyone.  

  • Take an inventory of your patterns of right-minded and wrong-minded thinking with the guidance of Holy Spirit in your mind.

  • Focus on the true Self in others and experience how that focus helps you recognize the true Self in you. 

  • Learn how to transform upset feelings into a healed perception with the help of the Holy Spirit.  

This course also includes a 3-CD set of Gary Renard explaining ACIM in a full day workshop

Credentialed Correspondence Study

US$126 for facilitated course - 2-3 hours; Self Study is US$71.00 plus shipping


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